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Pricing is based on a minimum number of guests. Please contact us for details.
Buffet Chef(s) are required for all Brunch menus

Benedict Stations

Stack of Toasted Grain English, Thick Rashers of Bacon or Smoked Loin of Pork, Poached Egg, Lemony Sauce Hollandaise

Stacked Crispy Oversized Potato Latkes, Fried Green Tomatoes, Grilled Asparagus, Artichoke Bottoms, Portobello Mushroom Discs, Finished with Poached Egg and Wickey’s Wonderful Lemony Sauce Hollandaise
~ Prepared to Order at the Buffet

Maryland Crab Cake, Artichoke Bottom, Poached Egg, Green Fried Tomato, and Hollandaise Verte (Spinach Pure)

Potato Latke Thin Pancake, Portabella Mushroom Disc
Thin Chicken Scaloppini, Sauce Madeira, Poached Egg, and Sauce
Hollandaise or Maltese (Orange) or Choron (Tomato)

Toasted English Muffin, Grilled Filet of Beef Tenderloin, Thin Crispy Hash Browns, Poached Egg, Sauce Béarnaise

Stacked Thin Oversized Crispy Potato Latke, Fried Green Tomato, Artichoke Bottom, Poached Egg, Finished with Jalapeño Sauce Hollandaise

Corned Beef Brisket Hash Benedict
Corned Beef Brisket Hash Mounted on Potato Latke Hash
Poached Egg with Hollandaise Verte ~ Spinach Puree Hollandaise

Pave of Poached Fresh Salmon, Stacked Thin Oversized Crispy Potato Latke, Fried Green Tomato, Fresh Wilted Spinach, Poached Egg, Finished with Lemony Sauce Hollandaise

Clam Hash Cake, Stacked Thin Oversized Crispy Potato Latke, Fried Green Tomato, Poached Egg, Finished with Lemony Lobster Sauce Hollandaise

Poached Egg Nestled in a Seared Artichoke Bottom with Wilted Pernod Spinach on Toasted Challah
Lemony Sauce Hollandaise

Poached Egg Layered with Salmon Scaloppini, Grilled Basil Tomato Slice on Brioche Toast
Dilled Lemony Sauce Hollandaise
We could substitute a Salmon Cake for the Scaloppini and a Dilled Lemon Grass Beurre Blanc for the Hollandaise


Deviled Egg Halves Re-assembled and Baked in a Cheesy Béchamel Sauce

Dilled~Chived Lite Cream Sauce

Fresh Beaten Eggs with Nutmeg and Cream w/Fillings of:
Sliced Sautee Mushrooms ~ Diced Garden Red Tomatoes ~ Snipped Chives ~ Shredded White Wisconsin Cheddar ~ Creamed Spinach ~ Parmesan Broccoli
Add Sliced Smoked Norwegians Salmon
Sliced English Cucumbers, Sliced Red and Green Bell Peppers, Sliced Garden Red Tomatoes, Sliced Red Onion, Sliced Havarti Cheese and Swiss Cheese
~ Regular Cream Cheese and Lite Cream Cheese Balls with Oven Same Day Fresh Bagels

Savory Brandied Cream Mushrooms with Shallots a-top Crispy Waffles

Melons, Berries, Grapes, Oranges, Plums ~ Pink Poppyseed Dressing on Side

Pure Pennsylvania Maple Syrup

Sherry Creamed Béchamel Chicken with Mushrooms and Shallots ~ Crispy Warmed Waffles

Baked Egg Omelette with Onions, Potato, Cheddar, Bell Pepper, and Parsley

Crustless or Crusted ~ Lorraine, Vegetable, Crabmeat, or Smoked Salmon

Rich Savory Cream Sauce with Shredded Smoke Cured Beef

Fresh Tomato Concassé and Skillet Hash Brown Potatoes

En Croute ~ Bruleé ~ Fruited Orchard Compote ~ Red Raspberries

Layer Filled with Sauté of Mildly Spicy Sausage, Cheddar, and Poached Egg
Sauce Hollandaise or Other Finish

French Toast Muffins ~ Pure Maple Syrup

Filled with Crab, Scallops, Shrimp in a Seafood Béchamel Sauce
Lobster Sauce Nape

Filled with Creamed Chicken Béchamel with Mushrooms and Shallots
Lemony Sauce Hollandaise Nape

Ham Essence Enhanced Béchamel Smoked Country Ham and Green Peas Filled
Sauce Hollandaise Nape

White Chicken, Chutney Mayonnaise, Lite Curry, Diced Apricots and Toasted Cashew Pieces ~ Boston Leaves

Filled with Chivied Cream Cheese
Mini Bagels, Sliced Cucumber, Tiny Capers, and Fine Diced Red Onion

Boston Lettuce Cups, Composed Diced Avocado, Grape Tomato Halves, Diced Red Onion, Sliced Red Radish, Water Cress Bouquets, and Bonney Mustard Vinaigrette

Baked Filled Ramekins with Crabmeat, Egg, Onion, Nutmeg, and Cheese

Zesty Red Cocktail Sauce & Sauce Louie ~ Lemon

Wilted Spinach, Pernod, Shallots, Béchamel Bake

Hard Cooked Small Eggs Encased in Savory Sausage ~ Seasoned Crumb Crust ~ Sliced ~ English Mustard Mayonnaise Thyme Aioli Sauce Drizzle

Chive Sauce Béchamels or Lemony Sauce Hollandaise

Mascarpone Cheese

Fresh Cut Seasonal Fruit and Berries ~ Warm Spinach Timbales
Potato Cakes ~ Crispy Potato Hash Browns ~ Potato Faux Soufflé Timbales
Cheddar Grit Soufflé en casserole ~ Fried Green Tomatoes ~ Avocado Salad
Grilled Garden Red Tomatoes ~ Basil Leaves ~ Creamed Brandy Mushrooms
Red Beet Frisse Salad with Toasted Sugared Walnuts ~ Blue Cheese Vinaigrette
~ Petite Caesar Salad ~ Chicken Gravy Biscuits