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A reception should have 2-4 Stations;
A party evening/Wedding/Bar-Bat Mitzvah should have 1-2 stations for Hors d’Oeuvres or 4-6 Stations when the stations are the focal point of the event

Vendors dine from the Buffets after Guests have been Served at no Additional Charge

Stemmed Wine Goblets, Disposables or China Service
Thin Tumblers, Specialty Drink Glasses, Adult and Youth Disposables:
Youth Hors d’Hoeuvres Plates and Forks, Tumblers, and Dessert Plates

Buffet Appointments, Serving Trays, Travel, Delivery, and Menu Signage by Wickey
WICKEY will provide the 12” square mirrors on hand, and also 2-sets (of 3 each) of S/S Circle Leg Variegated height Elevations with Clear Glass Round Platforms ~ Vary in size from 10/12”-18” ~ Complimentary

Attired in Black and White with a 5-button Black Vest and Light Purple or Blue 4-in-hand tie
Please contact us for details on the number of staff required for your event